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In the quiet and peaceful town of Wollenlark, a chilling mystery unfolds that shakes the community to its core. Twelve-year-old investigator, Tobias Letterstock, with his extraordinary intelligence and insatiable curiosity, has been standing out his whole life. Now, as editor in chief of Wollenlark's local newspaper run right from his parents' garage, he finds himself drawn into a sinister web of missing children cases during the unsettling summer break.

This gripping narrative sees young Tobias grappling not only with the hardships of growing up, but also with the rising terror that has overtaken his idyllic hometown. An ancient evil has crept into Wollenlark, working in the shadows, stealing children away from their devastated families. As he unravels this frightening mystery, Tobias must find within himself the courage to confront what truly lurks in the darkness.

Will Tobias defeat the malevolent forces threatening his town and unravel the true nature of the darkness in Wollenlark? Journey with him as he battles evil, safeguards his community, and fights to keep hope alive.

This gripping tale of courage, mystery, and adventure is perfect for fans of spine-chilling suspense and youthful heroism. Young adult mystery novels, small-town mysteries, child detective stories, coming-of-age narratives—our protagonist's journey covers them all. Dive into the investigation with Tobias and uncover the dark secrets of Wollenlark.

What Sleeps In Wollenlark - Paperback

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