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Coalescence Publishing believes in the power of words and the creative minds that pen them. As such, we're committed to providing a seamless publishing experience for our authors. When you choose to publish with us, you never have to pay a penny. We are proud to fully cover the costs of artwork and full editing/formatting services to ensure your work is presented in the best possible way. Our team of skilled professionals works closely with you at every step, from manuscript submission to final publication, ensuring your creative vision is truly brought to life. With Coalescence Publishing, you get a dedicated partner who cares about your success (and how you define it).

If you're an author interested in working with us, start by emailing us an excerpt from your book or work. Please send this to This excerpt gives us a glimpse of your work and helps us understand your writing style and subject matter. If we find your excerpt engaging and aligning with our publishing vision, we'll arrange a virtual meeting. This meet and greet session helps us to get to know each other better, discuss your work in detail, and understand if we are a good fit for each other. During this session, we will also walk you through the publishing process in more detail. 

If our meeting goes well and we mutually agree to proceed, you will be asked to send us your full manuscript. Our team will thoroughly review it to ascertain its potential fit with our publishing line-up. After careful consideration, we will inform you whether we will be able to publish your work or not. We understand the effort and emotions tied to your work, and we aim to communicate our decision as sensitively and promptly as possible.

Interested in Publishing?

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