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He wants to know the past. She wants to forget the future. They both could die trying.

The spellbinding Delphi Trilogy hurtles to a gripping conclusion with The Delphi Revelation, a thriller that keeps you enthralled to the end.

After ten years in hiding, 17-year-old Zach returned to his mysterious hometown hoping for answers and belonging. Instead, he’s heartbroken, imprisoned, and tortured by the town’s sinister elites.

Last he saw Ashley, she was strapped to a hospital bed, drugged beyond reason, and muttering cryptic messages from beyond this world. His attempt to free her brought the weight of the League of Delphi down on him and created a disaster he can’t recover from.

His family is now the League’s number-one target. His ill-conceived alliance with Ashley’s sister brought only betrayal. And his first love is bound for Greece, where she’ll be exploited into permanent madness or death.

With unexpected help, Zach escapes the League’s clutches. But his last, desperate act of defiance puts everyone around him in the gravest danger. If he fails, Ashley is doomed, and thousands will die.

Join in Zach and Ashley’s desperate race for the truth, and their final run for freedom. Get The Delphi Revelation now!

The Delphi Revelation - eBook

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